Membership Benefits 

Because we keep our members informed on clean energy issues, NCCEBA members have the opportunity to become a part of the public policy making process. Our members represent the top sector of clean energy businesses in North Carolina and are looked to provide information that helps government officials make better decisions when they impact our industry.

Members Only Website

Through our private website, our members can participate in forums, and discussion groups with other members with similar interests. Whether its a policy issue or the nuts and bolts of a technical matter, there are NCCEBA members who form a strong community and are willing to address the matter.
You can also check the latest member and staff blogs, share project and other informational photos, check on dues status, print your invoice, make online payments, and more.

Annual Meeting

All NCCEBA members are invited to attend our annual meeting in the fall of each year. This is a great opportunity to hear from speakers from clean energy businesses as well as from policy makers in the legislative and executive branches of government.

Special Reports

Whether its breaking news or a discussion in the legislature or other clean energy governing body, NCCEBA provides reports to our members in a timely manner. Usually weekly when the General Assembly is in session, but ASAP when there is a need for action, our reports let you know what is going on and what you can do to make a difference.

Shaping Our Agenda Through Member Committees

NCCEBA houses Regulatory and Legislative Committees and Subcommittees on a host of issues. For those members interested in shaping NCCEBA’s as a trade association, Committee work provides a vehicle to introduce and vet issues to be voted on by the NCCEBA Board. At a minimum, any member can join a bi-weekly phone briefing on critical issues as they develop in either of these areas.

North Carolina
Clean Energy Business Alliance 

The North Carolina Clean Energy Business Alliance was created to promote the common business interests of clean energy businesses in North Carolina. 


Phone: 919-608-1060

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